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Waltz of Seduction

Waltz of Seduction - Natasha Blackthorne Who would have thought that waltzing lessons would lead to a husband overcoming is sexual hang ups regarding his wife, but that is exactly what happens in this very quick, very sexy read.

Lord Lockhart learned at a young, impressionable age that a man should never engage in any type of passion with one's wife and promised his sister that he would treat his wife with the upmost respect. Of course, when a man finds himself in love with his wife and wildly attracted to her, it does pose a problem when you try to keep that promise made when you had no clue what happened between a man and a woman.

Here is were waltzing comes into play.

Lady Lockhart, a wealthy merchant's daughter, never learned how to waltz. It is Lord Lockhart's desire to waltz with his wife. So he decides he will teach her to waltz, at night, in the privacy of their bedchambers. It's during those lessons that Lady Lockhart shows her husband that his unbridled passion for her is exactly what she needs.

This was enjoyable and certainly gives you an understanding of why all those uptight woman may have thought the waltz was too daring back in it's day.

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