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Grey's Lady (Carte Blanche)

Grey's Lady  - Natasha Blackthorne I picked up this book after reading a first chapter post around christmas time. That first chapter was hot, but the rest of the book was even hotter!!! Phew...I still fan myself thinking about it.

I loved Beth and Grey together. She the impulsive girl with the big heart who's trying to find a place where she fits in the world, while he is the older, wealthy shipping magnet from New York who is cold and calculating in order to get what he wants. When they two of them get together, they seem to combust of the page.

What neither of them see is how perfect they are for each other. When you get past Grey's need to possess Beth, you see that he's been completely thrown for a loop by this girl and his need for possession is really his love for her. Beth's running is out of fear that she's unloveable and that Grey will leave her, just as everyone else has.

For all that happens in this story, it is a quick one. But it's hot as hell with two characters that come to life on the page.

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